I Quit Teaching! Leaving to Spain, to Be a Fortune Teller!

That is what Maricica Haraga, a Gipsy laguage teacher who until recently taught Romanes (the official Gipsy language) in a small town in the Eastern part of Romania, told her former employers. She made up her mind after the government ducked her pay by 25%, just like it did to all of the other teachers, police officer, fire fighters, doctors, paramedics and prison wardens in Romania, at the request of the IMF.

“I used to be paid 600 Romanian Lei, about 150 Euros, but I was left with just 450 after the pay cuts. Six years into my teaching career, I realized my shoes were overworn, my clothes were all but torn and the bank was knocking on my door about some loans I had. I have three children to feed, it’s not like I had an option”, said Maricica.

She would not be the first to choose a fortune-telling venture abroad over a teaching career in Romania. Another former employee of the town hall, a mediator for the Rroma, left the country planning to make a fortune out of reading in the palms of Spaniards.

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