Policemen Face Criminal Charges after Rally

Five Romanian police officers will be under criminal scrutiny, after having been identified carrying their weapons while protesting in last week’s rally, outside the President’s Palace in Bucharest. Three more policemen have been identified by CCTV surveillance while throwing their helmets at the Palace wall. The former will be charged with infringement of the weapons and ammo regulations, under Romanian law, while the latter will probably be held responsible for the defamation of state symbols.
Union sources have also revealed that investigators have been asking police units for the lists of the police officers who marched in protest, on September the 24th, in Bucharest.
More than 5.000 police officers, fire fighters and penitentiary wardens have marched last week outside the President’s palace, shouting heavy words at the president, while some of them threw their helmets in protest.
As a result, the President, Traian Băsescu, immediately renounced at the Police’s services for his personal protection and the Minister of the Interior resigned.

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