Romania, the New Bonanza of Organ Trafficking

Dozens of Romanians have allegedly been selling their own kidneys on the black market, to an underground illegal organization based in South Africa. This is what the surprising indictment voiced against oustanding figures of the medical world in South Africa seems to reveal, according to sources.

Organ smugglers have shifted their land of choice from Israel, where a human kidney would cost about 15.000 Euros, to Romania, where the poorer Romanians would only charge 4.500 Euros. A rather lucrative business, considering that the organs would then be sold to recipient patients for rougly 20 times as much.

Sources within the police have vaguely confirmed the involvement of Romanians in the South African investigation. This scandal comes only a year after a reputed fertilization clinic in Bucharest, ran by Israeli doctors, was accused of trafficking human embrios.

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