EXCLUSIVE! “Scottish Driver Did Not Molest Our Boy”

The family of the 9 year old Romanian boy who was allegedly sexually molested by a Scottish lorry driver in August this year makes surprising statements. According to the boy’s sister and to his aunt, the 9 year old boy, who was found in the Scottish driver’s company, along with another 13 years old, was not the victim of sexual abuse.

“He told us that the foreigner only had oral sex with the other boy, but not with ours”, claim both the aunt, and the elder sister, in an exclusive interview for Task Force Media.

The driver, James Connor, was arrested on August the 23rd in Vaslui, Romania. In the cabin of his lorry, the police found a 9 year old boy that had been reported missing, another 13 years old boy and a laptop computer that, according to prosecutors, contained pornographic images with children. Investigators claim that the Scottish driver took several children in his cabin, drove them around various locations in Romania and abused them. While doing that, he would also film the outrageous scenes.

James Connor is currently under arrest and, pending his trial, whose date has not been set yet.

Task Force Media can offer exclusive video footage of the interview.

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