Outrage at Cat Shooting Maniac in Romania

Romanians are in disgust at what is probably the worst case of animal cruelty in Europe ever recorded. A man, from Constanţa, bought a gun and then, angry at the felines that lived on his street, went out on a cat-shooting spree. Before he could be stopped, the maniac took the lives of countless cats – some of them stray cats, some of them house cats, with owners.

Many cats were also seriously injured. Puric, a tom-cat that belongs to a family on that street, lost his left eye, that was struck by one of the bullets. He is lucky to be alive, say veterinarians, because the other two family cats did not survive the wounds.

Police finally captured the cat-shooter, but quickly had to release him. The only charge that the Romanian law can face him with is misuse of a weapon, with a maximum penalty of 3 years in prison. A person can be arrested, in Romania, if the crime held on that person’s account is punished with more than 5 years of imprisonment.

The townsfolk are outraged and claim that the shooter may turn on humans anytime he pleases. The cat shooter said, in his defence, that he could no longer stand the felines “miaou-ing and stealing his food”.

Romania has a black record of cruelty towards animals. Horses, in the countryside, are often beaten and left to starve. Other cases of cruelty against cats and dogs have also provoked outrage in the media. Mistreating an animal can be punished, under the Romanian law, with only a fine of 2000 Romanian Lei – roughly 400 British Pounds Sterling.

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