Romania, Officially a Banana Republic

Romanians may be able to see the good side of everything, even of global warming, but this time it’s not a question of climate change. For two decades, Romanian scientists have researched the ways to “convince” the bananas and the kiwi fruits to grow in Dracula’s country. And now, as PRO TV reports, they’ve made it happen.

Romania is prepared, from this point of view, to go bananas anytime now. Tropical fruits can yield harvest in Romania’s continental-temperate climate, with frosts during the winter and relatively cold temperatures for 6 of the year’s 12 months. Among the exotic fruits adapted by the Romanian scientists there is also the so-called “Fruit of the Gods”, or “Diospyros Kaki”, a delicacy sold for 3 euros a piece in Italy.

Two hectares of experimental banana cultures can be now found not far from Bucharest. Agronomers actually claim having created a new brand of banana – the Northern Banana – slightly different from it’s African sister. With a thinner skin, a bit different in shape and with two hard-shelled seeds inside, the Romanian banana tastes, luckily, just the same as the traditional one. And, with some hard work, it may become Romania’s next export.

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