Sex and Housekeeping for Sharing Dorm in Romania

Many female students in Bucharest now pay for sharing a student’s dorm room in sex and housekeeping, according to Romanian newspaper Adevărul. Housing facilities in university centres in Romania are scarce and can hardly accomodate half the students registered. Renting on the open market, again, is often too expensive for many students, so boys and girls alike seized the opportunity for cheaper housing.

“Room share for sex and housekeeping” is a phrase more and more often found on forums and advert websites. “Text me with your physical description and I will write back if I am interested”, some ads continue. Many young girls will become a boy’s mistress in exchange for accomodation, it was revealed after several boys started bragging around camps about the trade.

Student organizations also confirm that the practice has become frequent. They blame universities for allowing too many young people to register as students on tuition fees. Up until a decade ago, universities did not charge tuition fees, but, in order to supplement their weak budgets, almost all of them started to increase the number of students and charge those who exceed the number of subsidies allowed by the Ministry of Education.

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