Royal Locomotives Lost Track in Romania

In was the railway locomotive that took prince Franz Ferdinand to Sarajevo, where he was assasinated – an attack that prompted the start of the the First World War. This is, in brief, the alleged story of one of the 15 vintage locomotives that are now the object of a major scandal in Romania. Another royal locomotive is, allegedly, the engine that took the royal train out of Romania, as king Mihai the First was forced to abdicate, in late 1947.

The engines were allegedly purchased by a German investor in 1999, but were never delivered. The state and a Romanian MP have reportedly tried to stop the transaction, after the authorities realized what kind of value those engines actually had.

Now, the German investor and the Romanian MP throw accusations at each other. A team of German engineers allegedly came to dismantle some of the steam engines and even the police were called in to investigate. In the past decade, some engines have also allegedly disappeared and the rest are collecting rust.

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