Romanian Royals Strike Back: Prince Paul Accuses

“We don’t owe Marco Houston anything, in fact it’s him that owes us”, claims Prince Paul of Romania, in an interview aired by Pro TV. According to the Prince, it was the editor of Royalty Monthly who borrowed money from the Romanian royals and put up a property as collateral.

The Prince and Mr. Marco Houston go back a long time as friends, but their friendship ended up sour. The Queen’s Bench, of the British Supreme Court, ordered that the Prince’s properties and bank accounts in England, Wales and Romania be seized until the payment of a 2 million Euros debt to Marco Houston.

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One Comment to “Romanian Royals Strike Back: Prince Paul Accuses”

  1. Hi

    Have you seen a copy of the writ/judgement or is your report based on some sort of press release?

    Please do get in touch as I am sure that we can exchnage usefil information.


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