250 Million EU Money Spent on Papers in Romania

Although in dire need of motorways and strongly financed by the EU to build them, Romania has managed to spend 250 million Euros provided by the Union on fesability studies. According to Antena 3, a quarter of a billion Euros would have built some good dozens of kilometres of modern motorway in a country that has less than 300. But the National Company for Motorways decided to pay the money to several “consultancy” companies, that claimed the millions in return for – most of the times – useless studies.

An example is the Sibiu – Piteşti motorway, whose fesability study was completed in 2007 and cost 2.5 million Euros. To this day, that motorway remains only a project on paper, and the papers already expired in 2009. In 2008, another 2.3 million were paid for the study of the Ploieşti – Buzău – Focşani motorway – and, of course, the motoway only exists on paper and in every driver’s dream.

The studies are only valid for two years, after which they need to be revised, for another consistent sum of money. The National Motorway Company has spent, in 2008, a total of 9 million Euros for the expired studies to be revised. That money alone could have built 9 kilometres of brand new national road.

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