Budget Strategy 2010: Win the Lottery!

It’s hardly a prank or a commercial slogan. It is actually part of the official budget planning of a small town in Romania, by the shores of the Black Sea. The town hall in Techirghiol is going to consider the mayor’s latest proposal for budget planning: to buy lottery tickets out of tax payers’ money – and hope to win.

According to the proposal, each counselor within the town council will put up a part of their pay and the money gathered that way will be invested, every week, in lottery tickets. The aim is to win about 3 million Euros, that will be used to co-finance various projects.

While it remains unclear how the council will decide on which numbers to play every week, the mayor is sure that his bill will be voted in by the counselors. The mayor of Techirghiol has also become famous in Romania after having won the elections by one vote, after three recounts.

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