Kolontar Disaster Keeps Romania in Alert

Despite the assurances given by Hungarian officials, Romania continues to monitor the pH of Danube’s waters, as it enters Romanian territory, at Baziaş. Romania’s concern also include the water supply of Severin, the only town in Romania whose water supply comes exclusively from the Danube. Romanian fishermen have become reluctant to cast their nets, according to Pro TV.

Romania has also two more reservoirs of the same poison that killed at least 7 people and destroyed the environment at Kolontar. One reservoir, in the Western part of Romania, seems to be safer, as the residu there is solid, not liquid. The one in Tulcea, just by the Danube Delta and the Black Sea, gives environmentalists nightmares, as it is liquid and has already claimed the life of an unfortunate local who fell in the pond and who was litterally disolved to death. If an incident similar to Kolontar were to occur in Tulcea, the Delta’s unique habitat of birds and fish would be dramatically affected.

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