Behold! Europe’s First Garbage Museum!

A museum of garbage and waste will be opened on November the 1st in Bucharest, Romania, as result of a partnership between the Association for Excellence and Sustainable Development and AFI Palace, a shopping centre in Bucharest. The museum will have 15 different areas, each dedicated to a certain type of industrial or household waste. Another section will describe the selective waste recycling process. And the final attraction will be the “Garbage Route”, 60 metres long, that will explain the process of turning waste into new products.

Romania is last among all EU countries in terms of waste recycling. Less than 20 percent of all Romanians have access to selective garbage disposal systems.

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2 Comments to “Behold! Europe’s First Garbage Museum!”

  1. Best of luck to our new friends in Romania! Our two facilities in the United States — the Garbage Museum in Stratford, Connecticut, and the Trash Museum in Hartford, Connecticut, have taught almost 700,000 people from around the world how to protect our environment just by thinking before throwing something in the trash.

  2. There is still time to have this story commissioned for the US media. Use the contact details on this website to inquire about the video opportunities and coverage options.

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