Moldova’s Anti Piracy Policy Kicks In… Sort Of…

A demonstration of resolve from Moldovan prosecutors has allegedly angered “bloggers and internauts” in Moldova: the enforcers shut down the sharing portal TorrentsMD and confiscated their servers.

Anyone in the Western world would agree that this is a legitimate action, meant to reduce piracy and to protect intelectual property. But, as the same “bloggers and internauts” point out, the vast majority of Moldovan TV networks download and then broadcast films free to air, in a manner that would apall – again – anyone in the western world.

Truth be said, Moldovans were able to watch Avatar on TV just days after it was officially launched. And that is just one example. Unimedia, the same portal linked above, has caused outrage after embedding a documentary film to their website, in order to counter their competitor, Jurnal TV, who had bought the broadcast rights and who was preparing to legitimately air the production.

Moldova officially has a population of 4.3 million people, but estimates show that at least one million of them have left the country to work abroad. The number of internet users in 2007 was nearing 900.000 and it has since increased constantly.

UPDATE: Moldova’s prime minister, Vlad Filat, has asked that the forced shutdown of TorrentsMD be investigated by the General Public Prosecutor’s office “in a transparent fashion”, according to a press release.

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