Romania, Paralyzed by Public Sector Wildcat Strikes

The public sector in Romania is about to grind to a complete halt, with more and more public workers joining the wildcat strikes irrupted Wednesday evening in the Ministry of Finance. Labour inspectors, public pension administrators and other public sector unionists have announced their support for the protesting tax inspectors. Cartel Alfa, one of the largest union conglomerates in Romania, has called upon all public workers to stop working.

Tax inspectors went on a wildcat strike on Wednesday afternoon, angry at the fact that they will no longer receive the bonuses that make up for over three quarters of their pay. Protesters have baricaded themselves inside the Finance Ministry, while the Finance Secretary fled the headquarters.

The prime minister, Emil Boc, has announced that he is prepare to enforce the law in its “full extent”, in order to tackle with the protests. Thousands of workers across the country are now on strike, and many more are expected to join.

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