Swingers’ Holidays, All Inclusive. Even Sex!

It’s the latest trend in Romania’s touring industry, one of the few that were spared the grunt of the financial crisis: swinger holidays, with sex on the menu. Romanians now pay from 700 to 3700 Euros to go and get naughty in destinations like France or Jamaica.

A couple will pay 3700 Euros for a 7 night, all inclusive, five stars hotel with flight to and back vacation in Jamaica. Theme parties such as “Naughty Schoolgirls’ Night” or “Nurses Night” are among the attractions.

These holidays are for people above 18 only and they can go as affordable as 700 Euros per couple, in Europe. The agencies also offer a gay version, for a mere 1700 Euros, in Island House Hotel, in Florida, USA.

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One Comment to “Swingers’ Holidays, All Inclusive. Even Sex!”

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