Ţăndărei: the Slave Trade Town in Romania

In 2008, several dozens of Gipsies from Ţăndărei caused outrage in Slough, UK, after a massive police action revealed how they were trading humans like cattle across the border – children, mostly, who were sent out to beg. It was said that the criminal network had been dismantled.

In 2010, though, the Metropolitan Police in London has announced a similar action, with similar results: 7 adults arrested, 28 Romanian children liberated from what seemed to be modern slavery. One of the children was a 12 year old girl who was also pregnant and a three years old boy, whose body was severely bruised. They were both hospitalized.

The children and the suspects are all from the same town, Ţăndărei, in South-Eastern Romania. As revealed by a Task Force Media secret camera report from 2009, beggars from Ţăndărei and Feteşti had invaded Edgware Road and Marble Arch, in uptown London.

Human traffickers convince parents to let their children go to Britain and lend them the money for the journey. Then, they charge huge interest rates, that take years to pay back, and in the meanwhile the children remain prisoner and are sent out to beg.

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