Killed His Wife With H.I.V. Infection

A 40 years old woman from Botoşani, Romania, died, after having been intentionally infected with H.I.V. by her ex-husband. The man only told her that she was positive after having broken up with her. His victim’s condition was, at the time she learned about the ilness, too far off for treatment and she died shortly.

The woman kept her condition secret from her parents, who saw her die without knowing why. After she passed away, the victim’s parents found the letters from her ex husband, that informed her she had been infected. The man was arrested and is now on trial for murder, for which he faces a term of 25 years in prison. He has had an H.I.V. infection for 10 years and receives medical treatment for it. The suspect’s priors include also the arson of a church in Botoşani.

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