Russia To Surrender “Honourably” Transnistria

Sources within the Russian Foreign Office have confirmed for Nezavissimaya Gazeta that Russia is planning to surrender the break-away region of Transnistria to Moldova. The separatist self-proclaimed republic, where several thousand Russian troops are still stationed, will receive autonomy status, within the Republic of Moldova, from which it tried to break away with a blitz war, in 1992.

The same sources have confirmed the imminence of negotiations between Chişinău, Tiraspol, Moscow and Brussels, until a compromised is reached. Moldova will increase thus its chances at entering the European Union, completely undermined by the grey situation at its Eastern borders. It is unclear what Russia’s profit will be, as Moscow is also to withdraw its troops from the region. Romania will be in charge of disposing of the conventional weapons stockpile in Transnistria, yet unaccounted for officially, but estimated to be huge.

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