Bucharest and Rome Divided on Pooch Scandal

Franco Frattini cast the first stone at Romania, giving the start to what might soon become another stand-off in diplomatic relations between Bucharest and Rome. It was the euthanasia performed on tens of thousands of stray dogs in Romania that caused the Italian Secretary of Foreign Affairs to denounce Romania in the media. Constanţa and Cernavodă, two Romanian municipalities, have received Italian money in order to sterilize the stray dogs. Instead, the dogs were killed in a manner described by Frattini as “undignifying for a European Union country”.

“I complained at the highest level in Romania, but I struck a wall of bureaucracy”, added Frattini. The main accusations go towards the Cernavodă town hall, where most of the killings were approved. Between 2006 and 2009, several Romanian cities have received Italian funds in order to sterilize stray dogs. Investigations conducted by the “Save the Dogs” NGO revealed shocking footage, of hounds being brutally killed by employees of the same municipalities that had received the money.

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