Nicolas Cage “Ghost Rides” Romania for 12 Bucks a Day

This is how much the production company is paying for an extra in Romania, to appear in Cage’s next production. Children will be paid slightly better, with almost 20 for a day’s work in cold and rainy Romanian November weather. That’s a bit over 2 dollars an hour for a child to work as an extra, exposed to temperatures close to freezing point. The rate for an adult is about just 1 dollar per hour, the equivalent of two loaves of cheap bread in Romania.

The famous Hollywood actor is expected to start filming in three Romanian cities, starting the 1st of November. Cage will be shooting several important scenes that will appear in the next episode of “Ghost Rider”.

His first location will be in Sibiu, in the Central Square, a gothic environment, with medieval buildings, amongst which the Bruckhental Musem and the Evangelist Church, the latter dating from the 16th century.

His agents have already started to advertise for extras among the locals, who will be paid with 12 dollars a day per adult and almost 20 dollars a day per child.

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