How Big A Business Is the Church? BIG!

It may be hard on everyone these days, with pay cuts and people losing their jobs, but for some there simply was never a crisis. Apart from bankers, the servants of Christ seem to be doing fine, thank you, even at times when those who chip in the charity box find money scarcer and scarcer.

Romania’s Orthodox Church receives twice as much money as state funded scientific research – and that is only to pay the priests. 66 million euros per year go from the public money pot to pay Orthodox priests. In 2010, the Romanian government put up the money to refurbish 1300 churches and monasteries, on one hand, but only paid for the refurbishment of 400 schools.

Overall, the Romanian Orthodox Church has pocketted 330 million Euros from the tax payer in the past 3 years alone – that is since lay people in the parishes are being told they must fast on account of a financial crisis.

The Orthodox Church is also tax exempted, although it runs major business operations: real estate, hotels, restaurants, energy, consultancy, building construction, tourism and so on. On top of that, the church has been granted free of charge over 200 pieces of property that used to belong to the state – former military units, hotels and restaurants. And that does not include the hundreds of new luxury pieces of property that the church has built in the past two decades.

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