Ironic: Deported Gipsies Move to Brussels

This is where the Roma expelled from France sought refuge first: in the very heart of the European Union, whose Council failed to carry out the infringement procedure against Paris earlier this week.

In the Central Market, in Brussels, one can hear the famous “S’il vous plaît, j’ai faim!” bids for a hand-out that were until recently ubiquous in Paris, as Evenimentul Zilei reports. Some beg, others play instruments in the street, making a living of 20 or so Euros a day from the hands of by-passers.

The Belgians are more tolerant than the French, in the beggars’ opinion, and this is why they chose Brussels. Apart from knowing the language already, this is another advantage. Many of the locals say they are bothered by the beggars, but they don’t want them removed.

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