Romania’s Poison Trap: Infested Water Wells

There is not much of a choice for the people in 265 village communities in Romania, when it comes to drinking water: it’s usually the well in the backyard or the one in the street. And that is where they get their daily poison of highly concentrated nitrates, a toxine that takes them litterally from the cradle to the grave. Babies drink it through their mothers’ milk, children drink it as they grow up and adults drink it too, despite the horrid effects.

Given an average of 2000 people in every village community, that means at leat half a million Romanians drink poison on a daily basis. The water in their wells has up to 8 times more nitrates than what is considered the maximum allowed concentration. And the poison comes from latrines, livestock and industrial facilities.

They could, theoretically, drink bottled water. But rarely anyone can afford it in the countryside. And the nitrates in the water cause serious brain retard in children, kidney disease in adults and instant suffocation to babies and infants.

The situation is well known by the authorities, but nobody is actually taking any steps to improve anything. The solution would be drilling new wells for the people, to the deepest water supplies. But the peasants who can’t afford a bottle of still water a day can certainly not pay for a depth drilling, that costs around 800 – 1000 Euros.

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