Nicolas Cage to Shoot in Fairytale Castle in Romania

“Ghost Rider”, the sequel, starring Nicolas Cage, is going to feature scenes shot in a medieval castle in Romania. The producers are interested in renting the castle for 35 to 40 hours, for the price of 1000 Romanian Lei (300 USD) per hour.

Nicolas Cage is also going to be filming in Sibiu, Romania, starting November the 1st, according to his Romanian representatives. His crew consists in 200 people, mostly Romanians. According to an announcement made by a casting company in Sibiu, the film makers will also be hiring extras, adults and children, for the amount of 15 to 20 dollars a day.

The exact date of the shoot in the Corvin Castle is yet unknown. It belonged to the noble family of Hunedoara, who reigned over Transylvania. The Corvin Castle, dated estimately in the 14th century, was built by a fairy, in just a week, according to it legend. According to documents, though, it was donated by the king Sigismund of Luxemburg, in 1409.

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