Hundreds Flock for Free Food at Market Inauguration

A massive crowd flocked outside the gates of a refurbished shopping market in Vaslui, Romania, as the inaguration ceremony was about to begin. The people were there not to shop, but to get their hands on as much free food they could carry.

The crowd gathered outside the market gates hours before the opening, despite the cold, in anticipation of the plates of free food prepared for the ceremony. As the gates opened, the people rushed to seize as much of the free meat, salami and cheese as they could. Many packed bags and took home as much as they could snatch.

Most of the people were pensioners, the poorest walk of life in Romania. A state pension in Romania usually is 350 Romanian Lei, about 110 US Dollars. The situation of the elderly is alarming, as authorities seem powerless to help improve the lives of the senior citizens.

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