Undercover “Gipsy” Journalist Reveals Discrimination

There is no country for Gipsies – or at least that is what a journalistic investigation revealed. A reporter dressed up in Gipsy clothes and tried to get a job, to go shopping and to get help as a “stranded driver”.

Shoppers didn’t seem to mind him being a Gipsy, as long as he paid. But when it came to jobs, it seemed impossible to get one. Neither private employers, nor any state job centres were able to provide any job for a Gipsy, although they had advertised otherwise.

Eventually, it took the stranded Gipsy driver three hours to get help on the side of the road, as he waved for help next to a flat tyre. After a week of exposing himself to prejudice, the conclusion is that Romania is more prejudiced towards the poor than to the Gipsies, but it’s hard for a Gipsy to integrate in a society that only want to marginalize this minority.

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