Jobless Soprano Suicides in Romania

Roxana Briban, thought to be one of the best sopranos in Europe, was found dead in her apartment on Sunday afternoon, in a very likely suicide scenario. Upon returning from shopping, her husband found Roxana Briban in the bathtub with her wrists slashed.

The soprano had been without a job since 2009. Her friends claim that’s when she was fired from the Romanian National Opera. Ever since, she has been in permanent depression and, according to her husband, has had another two failed suicide bids. After having lost her job at the Romanian Opera, she also lost the contract with the Viena Opera House.

Another version is given by the Romanian Opera’s director, who claims that the soprano quit her job voluntarily in 2009. Roxana Briban’s body is now at the coroner’s office in Bucharest in order to formally determine the cause of death.

Roxana Briban, aged 39, had studied music ever since she was 6 years old. She won numerous international awards and performed in places like Viena, Toulouse, Chile and Amsterdam.

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