Sex Addiction’s Ultimate Cure: Holy Therapy

It may seem that the Orthodox metropolitan church in Iaşi, Romania, wishes to go up close and personal with its parishers diagnosed with sexual addiction. Several dozens men and women alike are being treated, twice a week, by one of the church’s therapists, in a bid to rid them of what lay persons and people of the cloth agreed on calling a “shameful addiction“.

First, all of the patients are asked to fill out a quiz form of 25 questions, that will establish whether the person is or is not a genuine sex addict. Having cleared that out, the patient begins the 40 steps therapy.

According to the priests, most of the patients are in their 40s and have a higher degree of education. Therapy sessions are equally attended both by men and women alike, as the compulsive sexual behavious is just as frequent in both genders, claim church officials.

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