Romania To Build World’s Biggest Laser

An astounding 280 million Euros are to be spent in order to create the world’s most powerful laser, at the Măgurele Institute, in Romania. The laser’s power will be in the region of 10 petawatts (1 pW equals Watts or a thousand trillion Watts). The building that is going to accomodate the laser has the equivalent surface of two football stadiums.

The laser is part of the ELI project (Extreme Light Infrastructure) and it will be used, according to sources, to neutralize nuclear waste, by the method of iradiation that leads to transmutation. This means that only two miles off the edge of Bucharest nuclear waste will be disposed of using technology and power equivalent to the added yield of all energetic devices that were present on Earth in 2004. The cost of the entire ELI project, in which other European countries are also taking part, is half a billion Euros.

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