Mona Thwany’s Family: “Daily Mail Got It Wrong!”

“The Daily Mail printed the exact opposite of what we told them”, said on Wednesday Elena Nedelcovici, the grandmother of Mona Thwany, the wife of the suspected Stockholm suicide bomber. “They said I told them that Mona talked him into blowing himself up. It’s not like that at all”, said the woman, quoted by România Liberă. The woman thinks that the Daily Mail reporter that came to her house probably misunderstood the translation. According to her and to her husband, Vasile Nedelcovici, Mona was raised in a secular family by her mother, Mihaela, and her father, Iraqi national Ali Abdul Zahra Thwany. Mr. Thwany was an architect that never tried to impose islamic rules in his family, claim Mona’s family.

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