Cheeky Gabriela Explains “Shoplifting Incident”

In an exclusive interview on Romanian TV channel PRO TV, on Monday, Cheeky Gabriela gave her account of the “shoplifting” incident that occured in Britain.

“We had had a meeting on Tuesday about a part in a gangster movie in which we (the Cheeky Girls) were to play the leading parts. We got our scripts and then Gabriela went away for a few days to visit her boyfriend. She read the script and, on Friday, she took a break. She went to the store, bought a salad for which she paid and then she realized that she had forgotten to also buy a bottle of apple juice. She took the bottle and then she left”, tells Monica, Gabriela’s sister, interviewed as a guest on PRO TV’s “Happy Hour” talk show.

“I exited the store without realizing what I had done. It struck me that I hadn’t paid when the security guard came running after me. Things got even more serious when the police arrived. I am ashamed, but I didn’t do it on purpose. It was a bottle of juice that costs 2 pounds”, added Gabriela, also a guest at “Happy Hour”.

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