NOT Safe To Be A Foreigner: Stars Night Club, Romania

Stars Night Club, a place of many incidents (photo by Adevărul)

American citizens, soldiers and K1 fighters from Holland – they all shared the same fate in one Romanian night club, in Bucharest. They claim that they have been beaten, held prisoners and threatened, after their refusal to pay bills that had been seriously overpriced. One incident, on January the 16th 2011, involved three US soldiers, who were transiting Romania’s capital on their way to their unit in Kogălniceanu, Constanţa.

The soldiers  decided to go for a night out. At the end of the party, there were presented with a bill for no less than 3000 Euros, which the soldiers claim was highly exagerated. The soldiers claim that the club owner, Sandu Ion David, and another associate, took them to a separate room and threatened to beat them, until one of the soldiers’ friends brought the amount of cash.

Three days later, two other US troops got the same treatment, but for a much smaller amount: 320 Romanian lei, the equivalent of 100 US dollars. The soldiers said that the bill was off by at least 100 lei and refused to pay it. Again, they claim that Sandu Ion David and a friend of his, Răzvan Marius Moşteanu, locked them in a private room, kicked and punched them until they paid up. The soldiers then were treated for concussions and bone fractures.

In November 2010 five Dutch K1 fighters were beaten severely over a 1400 lei bill (almost 500 US dollars) which they thought exagerated and refused to pay. The club’s representatives claimed, at the time, that the Dutch fighters were beaten by other clients, that were disturbed by their attitude.

The police are now investigating both Sandu Ion David and Răzvan Marius Moşteanu for agravated robbery and illegal imprisonment. The court examining their case decided that they are not a threat to society and that they do not need to be arrested for the duration of the proceedings.

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