Romania’s Eurovision Contestant In Web Cam Sex Row

Cancan claims they have an exact copy of the lines exchanged (Photo: Cancan)

David Bryan, who will represent Romania in the Eurovision song contest of 2011, is in the middle of an embarassing sexual row, after Romanian tabloid Cancan published an alleged sexual conversation attributed to the singer and to a young lady from the same country. David Bryan, frontman of Hotel FM, allegedly met the woman online and started a very sexually charged conversation, mostly conducted in English, while his official girlfriend was reportedly sleeping in the next room. According to Cancan, the singer described to the young woman details of how he would like to sexually engage her, showed her his genitalia on a webcam and even masturbated. 

This is how the conversation supposedly began:

fan: i do not want money..i’m an exception, ain’t i?:))
fan: i like to make people
fan: happy
davebry01: well, sleep with me then
davebry01: hahaha
davebry01: then ill be happy
davebry01: =))
davebry01: we have a problem
davebry01: i have a girlfriend
davebry01: but
davebry01: ill be moving soon
davebry01: alone
davebry01: in buc(harest)
davebry01: but i want you! we meet and we can go to my hotel
fan: tx:))))
davebry01: f…, i get so horny thinking about having wild sex with you
davebry01: lol
davebry01: outside
davebry01: in the open.mmmm
davebry01: lol
davebry01: but, because i’m a star, and paparazzi are hunting me, we have to go to a hotel: damn
davebry01: i need to shut up!
davebry01: lol
fan: but..if we want..maybe we will get some minutes for us.
davebry01: we can try
davebry01: in the toilets somewhere
davebry01: :))
fan: :))) i’m softer than this
fan: but…
davebry01: i like the adventure

David Bryan with his band, Hotel FM (Photo: Cancan)

The chat goes on with the proposal to exchange video cams.

davebry01: can i see your webcam?
fan: well…i do have a webcam, but i don’t want you to see me so soon.
fan: but, do you have one??
davebry01: yessss :X do you want to see?
fan: YESSS
davebry01: ok then, tell me know, what wuold you prefer to see?
davebry01: my face or my head? :>
fan: well, i want to see both baby…
fan: but it’s hard cause they are far away from each other…lol:P
davebry01: lol…don’t be that sure baby…xxx is very long…is a big one…:>
fan: mmmm… then let me see it, i’m so excited …
davebry01: well tell me, what wuold you do to me?
fan: well baby, we just need a bed and some hendcops (handcuffs)

fan: i like it hard…and deep…

davebry01: how hard?:x

fan: thne i would like to see your face while i’ll licking you all over you sexy body:X

davebry01: ooo gush…i’m sooo funcking damn horny baby :X i feel like a bich:X and i love that…do you?
fan: listen baby…don’t confuse me…i’m your bich and you ar my slave, a hot and the sexiees one
davebry01: tell me more…:X i will f… you all night long:X
fan: if you can get me… but i’m sure you will.:D
davebry01: yes baby, be sure, i’ll give you a very intensive orgasm…
fan: if you do that i’ll suck you in a very pro way:X
davebry01: ooo baby…i’m so horny…do you want to see?
fan: no baby, i’ll see you in person how good and strong you are…and btw you have your girlfriend in the house now…soo go for her…
davebry01: neah…in loc pe costina prefer sa ma masterbenz… (instead of Costina, I would rather “masterbenz” – masturbate)
davebry01: will you enjoy watching…my little and pro bitch:X?
fan: yess i do! let’s start!

The chat culminates with the alleged moment when the man in the conversation masturbates in front of the webcam.

davebry01: hmmm…look this is my best friend….
davebry01: can you take it al??:X
fan: be sure…i love it:X i have a long neck and you can go deep with you best friend:X
davebry01: o my god…i’m going to cum…:X:X
fan: what?? i’m dissapointed baby…so quick…:-w
davebry01: no baby…este hot…nu rezist mai mult sa masterbenz. (I can’t masturbate any longer)
fan: atunci ce o sa faci cand o sa ma vezi? (then what will you do when you see me?)
davebry01: well baby that depends how long you can keep me hot:P
fan: ohhh…i get it 😉 well we’ll see this when we’ll meet…
davebry01: i can’t wait baby:X the sooner the better…

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