Hefty Fines For Orange And Vodafone Romania

A total of over 60 million Euros in fines were announced today by the Romanian Council for Fair Competition against Vodafone Romania and Orange Romania, the largest mobile communications providers in the country. Vodafone was given a fine of 28.8 million, while Orange was served with a bill for 34.8 million, the equivalent of over 3 percent of each company’s turnover of 2010.

The companies are charged of having illegally blocked the access to the Romanian market of another telecom company, Netmaster Communications, owned by Sanjay Bhasin and Alexandru Albu. The fines announced today in a press conference are the result of an on-going investigation started in 2006. Romtelecom, Romania’s largest provider of landline communications, is also under investigation in the same case file, for similar charges.

Both Orange and Vodafone Romania have issued press releases in which they express “amazement” at the Council’s decision and announcing that they will challenge the fines in court. These are the largest fines ever given for breaches of anti-trust regulations in Romania. Orange and Vodafone Romania have an annual turnover of around one billion Euros each.

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One Comment to “Hefty Fines For Orange And Vodafone Romania”

  1. Please notify me of any follow up on this news about Orange Vodafone Penalty.
    Sanjay Bhasin
    NetMaster Communications s.r.l.

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