Paedophile Convict James Connor To Appeal

Convicted paedophile James Connor is going to appeal against the ruling that sentenced him to a total of 22 year behind bars in Romania. The announcement was made by his new barrister, Ciprian Mitoşeru. “Of course we shall appeal against the sentence. The court’s decision seems extreme to me, as long as the children declared one thing during the prosecution phase and then they changed their statements in court”, said Mitoşeru.

The attorney also pointed out that the only one of the children who did for ask for damage also said that “he is only interested in obtaining some money. We must also keep in mind that James Connor comes from a foreign country, he has no contacts in Romania so he was not able to influence any of the witnesses”, added the barrister.

The appeal will be examined by the Iaşi Court of Appeal, about 40 miles North of Vaslui, the place where he was arrested in August 2010. James Connor was convicted on February the 21st of four counts of child pornography, sex with a minor and corrupting a minor. The terms pronounced against him total 22 years, out of which he will only serve 8. Under Romanian law, prison terms can overlap for crimes committed simultaneously.

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