Romanian Women, Among FBI’s Most Wanted Cyber-Criminals

About half a dozen Romanians and Moldovans are among the FBI’s most wanted list of internet fraudsters. Cătălina Corţac, Dorin Codreanu, Lilian Adam are just some of the names with an Eastern European ring to it that are now displayed on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s website. They are charged with Money Laundering, Bank Fraud, Passport Fraud, and Identity Theft. All the above crimes were committed, according to the FBI, in the Southern District of New York, which is also where the arrest warrant on their names was issued.

Mihaela Oprea, accused of internet fraud, still at large

The investigators haven’t yet made it clear if all the Eastern European nationals were part of the same group or whether they had been working separately. Some of them have, since 2010, surrendered or have been captured. Two of the Romanian suspects appear to be women in their 20’s. The FBI says nothing about the ages or about the extraction of those remaining wanted and nothing is mentioned about any reward.

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