Serial Rapist-Murderer Preys On Young Couples In Moldova

Forensics search the crime scene in Durleşti

Three identical double homicides brought terror to the Republic of Moldova, a former Soviet republic just East of Romania. Police suspect that the killer stalks young couples looking for a romantic retreat in remote locations and then strikes: he raped three girls and had their boyfriends watch – and, in the end, shot each couple dead. The latest case happened on the first of April, in Durleşti, a small town not far from the country’s capital, Chişinău. A 15 years old girl, Olguţa Caslaru, was found shot and naked from the waist down in a car. Her 19 years old boyfriend’s body, Ilie Racu, bearing shotgun marks, was found in the boot of the car. 

This is the third double homicide to follow this pattern and to take place in 6 months in Moldova. The first incident happened in Ialoveni, also not far from the capital, in September 2010. A woman, also naked from the waist down, was found shot dead in a car, while her boyfriend’s body was lying just outside the vehicle. The bodies were found too late for forensics to establish whether the woman had also been raped. A second similar case happened in Nisporeni, about 60 miles West of Chişinău. So far, Moldovan law enforcers have no clue as to who might the sadistic serial killer may be. The perpetrator is, at this time, very much at large, according to police sources.

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One Comment to “Serial Rapist-Murderer Preys On Young Couples In Moldova”

  1. rip Olguţa & Ilie.

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