Convicted Paedophile James Connor Up For Appeal In Romania (Photos)

James Connor as he is being taken back to prison at the Appeal Court in Iaşi (Photo: Task Force Media)

Scottish lorry driver James Connor will appear on Thursday, April the 7th, before the Court of Appeal in Iaşi, Romania, in a bid for freedom. He has been convicted to a total of 22 years in prison by the Vaslui Tribunal, on four counts of child pornography and sex with a minor. According to the Romanian law, James Connor’s sentences will overlap and he is expected to serve only the longest term, of 8 years.

Speaking outside the courtroom, on the previous date of the trial, James Connor said that he is determined to clear his name and that his entire case is a fabrication. “I had an issue with the police in Vaslui”, admitted James Connor, as he was going to face the panel of appeal judges.

James Connor standing before the panel of judges of the Appeal Court (Photo Task Force Media)

At the previous term, on March the 24th, James Connor asked for an extention, in order to be able to better prepare a defense. Connor has changed council since his first court appearance, to Ciprian Mitoşeriu, a well renowned local barrister. The latter pleaded for his client’s release under judicial supervision, arguing that he is still an innocent man, under the law, but despite that he is sharing the cell with some of Romania’s most dangerous convicted murderers.

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