That’s Unheard of: Congestion Charge Dropped Because of Staff Shortage

The local council of Constanţa, Romania, has announced that it is going to drop local congestion charge to Mamaia, one of the most crowded Black Sea resorts under its jurisdiction. The mayor of Constanţa, Radu Mazăre, claims that the city hall was left with no choice but to renounce collecting 3 Romanian Lei (approximately 1 US Dollar) from every person who wanted to drive their car into the resort. The tax level had not been raised since 2007, but 75% of the staff in charge of collecting the tax was sacked in 2010, as a result of the Romanian general austerity policy. In a nutshell, there was nobody left to take the money, says the mayor. “One other option was to outsource the collection of the tax, but that would have lead to an increase of the amount”.

Overall, this season tourists will be able to drive through Mamaia without having to queue at barriers in order to pay the charge. On average, the local council of Constanţa would collect a bit over 300.000 Euros per season, during the four months when the tax used to be enforced.

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