Survey: Three in Five Romanian Migrants Are There to Stay

Romanian migrants target low qualified jobs (Photo: Adevărul)

Around 60 percent of the 3 million Romanian migrants are not planning to come back to their motherland, it was revealed in a survey conducted by the Soros Foundation. They are saving up to 40% of their earnings abroad – which totalled 12 billion Euros in 2010 – and they are now sending less money to their families at home. The amount sent to Romania by the ex-pats decreased to 2.8 billion Euros in 2010, while the remaining 9 billions remained stored in Western banks, the same survey announced.

Sociologist Dumitru Sandu, quoted by Romanian newspaper Adevărul, thinks that 40% of the migrants planning to return is still a very optimistic figure. “Don’t kid yourselves, probably less than 25% are actually ever going to come back”, said Dumitru Sandu. Romanians usually migrate in couples and they are only planning to come back if both spouses are able to find, in their home country, jobs in similar conditions as in the West – which, in Romania, is not very likely, especially for women. Two in five Romanian migrants have stopped sending money home altogether.

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