Two-Pound Bladder Stone Removed from Romanian Patient

The stone removed from the patient weighs roughly one kilogram (Photo: Adevărul)

A 64 years old man from Dolj, Romania, was until recently the proud owner of what may be the world’s largest bladder stone ever to be surgically removed. Florea Rotaru was suffering from extreme abdominal pains, but, like many Romanians, avoided seeing a doctor about his ails for fear of surgery. When eventually the pain overwhelmed his will power, the man admitted voluntarily to the emergency room of the Craiova County Hospital, where he was immediately taken to the operating room. The doctors were completely surprised at the size of the bladder stone revealed by the X-rays. 

“The stone has most likely evolved since childhood and has grown into a regular stone”, said dr. Liviu Rizea, urologist at the Craiova Hospital. Faced with the size of the bladder stone, doctors had to abandon the laser surgery and resorted to the old-fashioned scalpel. After several hours of surgery, the stone was successfully removed and the patient is now safe from danger, say the doctors.

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