Romanian Parliament to Discuss Death Penalty Reinstatement

Liberal-Democrat senator Iulian Orban, supporter of the death penalty

This autumn, Romania’s MPs will have on their agenda the question of whether or not to reinstate the death penalty, after more than two decades since the capital punishment was abolished. Death sentences may again be legally pronounced against paedophiles who murder their victims, according to the bill submitted by the Liberal-Democrat senator, Iulian Orban. This initiative comes in the wake of an unseen crime wave against children. In the most recent case, a 10 years old girl was raped and then killed in Jimbolia, close to the Romanian-Serbian border.

“An individual who receives the maximum current punishment for this sort of crime may be released after 25 years and there is a chance that such an individual may repeat the offence, thus ending another innocent life. We therefore propose that article 198 of the penal code, incriminating sex with a minor, be changed in such a way that, if the victim is aged 10 or less and the sexual aggression is followed by the victim’s death or suicide, the penalty should be death”, it is said in the official proposition sent out to Parliament.

Romania has abolished the death penalty on January the 7th 1990. Under communist rule, 104 people were executed in Romania, the last of them being Nicolae and Elena Ceauşescu, on December the 25th 1989. According to a survey conducted in 2011, four in ten people living in the Romanian capital, Bucharest, are in favour of reinstating the death penalty.

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