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10 June 2011

Survey: Three in Five Romanian Migrants Are There to Stay

Romanian migrants target low qualified jobs (Photo: Adevărul)

Around 60 percent of the 3 million Romanian migrants are not planning to come back to their motherland, it was revealed in a survey conducted by the Soros Foundation. They are saving up to 40% of their earnings abroad – which totalled 12 billion Euros in 2010 – and they are now sending less money to their families at home. The amount sent to Romania by the ex-pats decreased to 2.8 billion Euros in 2010, while the remaining 9 billions remained stored in Western banks, the same survey announced.

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15 February 2011

US Citizens Trafficking Weapons To The Taliban Arrested In Romania (VIDEO)

Two US citizens were arrested in Romania, as part of an international network suspected of providing weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan, in exchange for narcotics. Alwar Pouryan and Oded Orbach were apprehended in Romania, on February the 10th, in an operation coordinated by the Romanian prosecutors and the Drug Enforcement Administration of the United States of America. According to investigators, they were meeting in Romania in order to arrange the details of a major delivery of weapons, consisting in rocket launchers, AK 47 and M16 assault rifles, carbines, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, anti tank weapons and thermal guidance missiles to the Taliban. 

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20 December 2010

Welcome to Task Force Media – International Production

Task Force Media is an international content provider, with clients such as the BBC, Euronews, Russia Today, RTL Croatia and many others. We operate mainly in Romania and Moldova, but our network of partners allows us to provide top services in neighbouring countries like Bulgaria, Serbia and Hungary, or in more remote areas, like the UK, Russia or Lebanon.

Our services: professional camera crews, with state of the art HD or DV equipment, professional journalists, fixers, translators and guides, voice over, dubbing, video editors, DoP, live broadcasting facilities, FTP. We provide services in English, French, Russian, Serbian and Romanian. Our company makes the most of your media plans, from the pre-production phase down to the final edit.

Our news feed posted on this page will keep you up to date with the most interesting topics and events in our area. Feel free to contact us in connection with any story that draws your interest.

This company is the result of more than a decade of experience in all levels of the broadcast industry, on three continents. From camera operators and technicians to assistants and journalists, each and every one of us has extensive experience in almost every aspect of the broadcast business.

Find out more about us from our portfolio on our official web page and contact us for a free evaluation of your project. If you wish to become a collaborator of Task Force Media, write us an email.

18 October 2010

FC Liverpool Bosses Plane Used for CIA Secret Flights

It has been revealed by a report from the human rights watchdog Reprieve that a Gulfstream jet airplane, belonging to Philip Morse, the current owner of FC Liverpool, has been usef for at least two CIA special secret flights, that also landed in Romania. On March the 24th and on April the 12th, 2004, the plane flew from Guantanamo to Morocco, via Romania, carrying aboard several Al Qaida agents, allegedly named Abd al Rahim al-Nashiri, Abu Zubaydah, Ramzi bin al-Shibh and Mustafa al-Hawsawi.

As Mail on Sunday also reports, the plane was hired from 2002 to 2005 by the Central Intelligence Agency. Another report, by the European Parliament, links the plane to the kidnapping of preacher Abu Omar, in 2003. The plane was reported to have landed on Kabul, Baku, Tripoli and Rabat and, since December 2004, it is also alleged that is has conducted at least 51 flights for the CIA.

Mr. Morse has confirmed having rented out the aircraft, but he broke the deal, when he found out about Omar’s extradition, in 2005.

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17 October 2010

Task Force Media Expands in Serbia and Hungary

Our services are now also available in Hungary and Serbia, after having sealed partnership agreements with professional journalists, camera crew providers and local fixers. Task Force Media now proudly provides tv professional camera English crews in Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia, Lebanon and the UK. Fixer, stringer, guide and translator services available in Romanian, English, French, Russian, Serbian and Arabic.

27 September 2010

Ahmadinejad – Countdown to Close Encounter

The Iranian President’s expected visit to South Lebanon will bring him closest to Israel than he’s ever been: 50 metres away from Israeli controlled soil, at Fatima Gate. This is the place where he is to inaugurate the latter of two Iranian funded recreational parks, in mid-October.

Task Force Media can offer video coverage of Ahmadinejad’s visit to Lebanon and of the preparations to it.

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27 September 2010

The Gangs of Beirut, a War Apart

Militias may be gone, but arms remain ready to fight in Beirut. While many are still armed, Beirut’s Sunnis are neither armed, nor trained the way they once were. The heart of what has become known as West Beirut, the Sunni’s stronghold during the country’s 15-years civil war, is now a mixture of mostly Sunni and Shia residents, who often clash with heavy weaponry in neighbourhood battles.

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22 September 2010

Ahmadinejad – Close Encounter with Israel

The Iranian president is expected in Beirut, on October the 13th and 14th. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will visit South Lebanon and also will inaugurate an Iranian-financed recreation park on the Lebanese-Israeli border, at Fatima Gate, about 50 metres away from Israeli controlled soil.

Task Force Media is able to offer video coverage and other facilities, on request.

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21 September 2010

Camera Crews and Production at their Best

As you probably noticed, we launched our new website about a week ago. Task Force TV operates in Romania, Moldova, the UK and Lebannon, providing quality content and media services for both major corporation and for independent media enterprises.

You can count on us for high quality equipment and highly skilled professionals. Our formats range from full HD to DV CAM and we feature a wide range of professional accessories.

Amongst our clients, we can mention companies such as the BBC, Euronews and RTL. Task Force Media represents more than a decade of broadcast experience all over the world, covering conflicts, major events and other international topics.

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Contact us on or access for more information.

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