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10 June 2011

Survey: Three in Five Romanian Migrants Are There to Stay

Romanian migrants target low qualified jobs (Photo: Adevărul)

Around 60 percent of the 3 million Romanian migrants are not planning to come back to their motherland, it was revealed in a survey conducted by the Soros Foundation. They are saving up to 40% of their earnings abroad – which totalled 12 billion Euros in 2010 – and they are now sending less money to their families at home. The amount sent to Romania by the ex-pats decreased to 2.8 billion Euros in 2010, while the remaining 9 billions remained stored in Western banks, the same survey announced.

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19 April 2011

“Golden BMW” Sighted In Moldova, Europe’s Supposedly Poorest Country (Photo)


Local media and bloggers in the Republic of Moldova have been reporting of an unusually looking BMW X5 parked in several locations throughout the country’s capital city, Chişinău. The car appears to be gold plated and it was one of the media’s “juiciest” scoops on Tuesday, April the 19th. The owner of the BMW has, so far, been unnamed. Tabloid newspapers and websites both in Moldova and in neighbouring Romania have displayed the incredible photographs that have prompted numerous comments of disbelief.

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5 April 2011

Convicted Paedophile James Connor Up For Appeal In Romania (Photos)

James Connor as he is being taken back to prison at the Appeal Court in Iaşi (Photo: Task Force Media)

Scottish lorry driver James Connor will appear on Thursday, April the 7th, before the Court of Appeal in Iaşi, Romania, in a bid for freedom. He has been convicted to a total of 22 years in prison by the Vaslui Tribunal, on four counts of child pornography and sex with a minor. According to the Romanian law, James Connor’s sentences will overlap and he is expected to serve only the longest term, of 8 years.

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2 April 2011

Serial Rapist-Murderer Preys On Young Couples In Moldova

Forensics search the crime scene in Durleşti

Three identical double homicides brought terror to the Republic of Moldova, a former Soviet republic just East of Romania. Police suspect that the killer stalks young couples looking for a romantic retreat in remote locations and then strikes: he raped three girls and had their boyfriends watch – and, in the end, shot each couple dead. The latest case happened on the first of April, in Durleşti, a small town not far from the country’s capital, Chişinău. A 15 years old girl, Olguţa Caslaru, was found shot and naked from the waist down in a car. Her 19 years old boyfriend’s body, Ilie Racu, bearing shotgun marks, was found in the boot of the car. 

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14 March 2011

Romanian Women, Among FBI’s Most Wanted Cyber-Criminals

About half a dozen Romanians and Moldovans are among the FBI’s most wanted list of internet fraudsters. Cătălina Corţac, Dorin Codreanu, Lilian Adam are just some of the names with an Eastern European ring to it that are now displayed on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s website. They are charged with Money Laundering, Bank Fraud, Passport Fraud, and Identity Theft. All the above crimes were committed, according to the FBI, in the Southern District of New York, which is also where the arrest warrant on their names was issued.

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21 February 2011

Albiţa Border Crossing Point Raided By Anti-Graft Operatives

The Albiţa-Leuşeni border crossing point between Romania and the Republic of Moldova was completely blocked on Monday morning, as anti-corruption operatives began the third series of raids of this year over charges of smuggling and bribery. More than 70 customs workers and border police were being interogated on Monday morning and many of their homes were being searched.

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12 February 2011

Greek Brothers Tried To Smuggle Dead Granpa Over Border

One dead lorry driver and one dead traveler in a single day in Albiţa

Romanian border police officers in Albiţa, Vaslui, could not believe their eyes when they realized that two Greek men tried to get their dead grandfather across the border under the guise of being “deep asleep”. It may sound like something out of an Emir Kusturica movie, but it happened for real on February the 12th 2011. 

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12 February 2011

Smuggler’s Heart Failed As Cops Nicked Him

Albiţa, a gateway from the USSR to the EU

A lorry driver coming in from the Republic of Moldova died of heart failure at the border crossing point with Romania, in Albiţa, Vaslui County. The driver was allegedly carrying an important amount of contraband cigarettes and the border officers had caught wind of his intentions. As his lorry was being thoroughly searched, the driver collapsed. Medics were rushed to the scene but they could only write the death certificate. 

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4 February 2011

Judges To Rule On Spanish Request To Extradite Moldovan National

Anatolie "Tolea" Ciumac, a rogue star in Romania (photo: Mediafax)

Anatolie Ciumac, a Moldovan national residing in Romania, was held on Thursday by Romanian prosecutors, following a request filed by Spanish authorities. He was eventually released, pending a ruling over his arrest by the Bucharest Court of Appeal. Ciumac, a professional fighter with connections to the crime underworld, is the subject of an international arrest warrant. He stands accused of an incident occured in 2002, in a Spanish penitentiary. He has a long record of violent incidents both in Romania and abroad. Among them, he tried to litterally bin a TV presenter while being a guest in a live show.

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3 February 2011

Massive Arrests in Romanian Border Police

Massive special ops troops were deployed to make the arrest (Photo: Adevărul)

Almost 80 border police officers and customs workers were arrested early on Thursday, following a long secret inquest conducted by anti-corruption investigators, informs Antena 3. According to police sources, the officers and workers involved managed to squeeze bribes of around 50.000 Euros every day from Moldovan and Ukrainian cigarette smugglers.

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