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15 December 2012

Iraqi Man Arrested in Romania, Suspected of Planning to Kill US and UK Diplomats


The 38 years old Khazar Karim Friad was detained by law enforcers on December the 13th, near the British Embassy in Bucharest. The Iraqi was in possession of a 7 inch knife and was plotting to physically injure and even to cause the death of several Western diplomats, it has been revealed in a press release from the Romanian Anti-terrorism Prosecutor’s Office (DIICOT). The targets were US and British diplomatic representatives posted to Romania, say the prosecutors. Investigators claim that the suspect is a follower of Saddam Hussein’s doctrine and thus was planning to avenge the military actions taken by Western powers on his country’s soil.

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14 March 2011

Romanian Women, Among FBI’s Most Wanted Cyber-Criminals

About half a dozen Romanians and Moldovans are among the FBI’s most wanted list of internet fraudsters. Cătălina Corţac, Dorin Codreanu, Lilian Adam are just some of the names with an Eastern European ring to it that are now displayed on the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s website. They are charged with Money Laundering, Bank Fraud, Passport Fraud, and Identity Theft. All the above crimes were committed, according to the FBI, in the Southern District of New York, which is also where the arrest warrant on their names was issued.

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15 February 2011

US Citizens Trafficking Weapons To The Taliban Arrested In Romania (VIDEO)

Two US citizens were arrested in Romania, as part of an international network suspected of providing weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan, in exchange for narcotics. Alwar Pouryan and Oded Orbach were apprehended in Romania, on February the 10th, in an operation coordinated by the Romanian prosecutors and the Drug Enforcement Administration of the United States of America. According to investigators, they were meeting in Romania in order to arrange the details of a major delivery of weapons, consisting in rocket launchers, AK 47 and M16 assault rifles, carbines, sniper rifles, grenade launchers, anti tank weapons and thermal guidance missiles to the Taliban. 

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9 February 2011

James Connor – back in Romanian Court

Pedophile suspect James Connor is expected to appear in court on Wednesday, facing charges of child pornography and sex with a minor. The Vaslui tribunal is to be given more evidence from another two child witnesses that were not able to testify at the previous hearing on January the 21st. On February the 2nd, Connor studied the evidence against him in the court library.

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4 February 2011

Judges To Rule On Spanish Request To Extradite Moldovan National

Anatolie "Tolea" Ciumac, a rogue star in Romania (photo: Mediafax)

Anatolie Ciumac, a Moldovan national residing in Romania, was held on Thursday by Romanian prosecutors, following a request filed by Spanish authorities. He was eventually released, pending a ruling over his arrest by the Bucharest Court of Appeal. Ciumac, a professional fighter with connections to the crime underworld, is the subject of an international arrest warrant. He stands accused of an incident occured in 2002, in a Spanish penitentiary. He has a long record of violent incidents both in Romania and abroad. Among them, he tried to litterally bin a TV presenter while being a guest in a live show.

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2 February 2011

Italian Ndranghetta Convicted Fugitive Killer Arrested in Romania

Ndranghetta Convicted Fugitive Taken Into Custody

A 39 years old man from Italy was arrested on Wednesday afternoon in Romania, in the western county of Bihor. He is, according to Organized Crime police officers, convicted for two murders commited in Italy. The person arrested has to serve a 14 years term in prison for those murders. He had been on the run for over two years, after he allegedly killed a business rival and an elderly man accidentally caught in the confrontation.

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22 October 2010

Mafia Bomb Expert Was Hiding in Romania

This is the most likely scenario in the case of Antonio Cortese, the explosives specialist of the clan “Lo Giudice”, part of the ‘Ndrangheta, the dreaded Mafia family from Calabria, Italy. He was apprehended at the Slovenian-Italian border, on a passenger bus originated from Romania.

Cortese, aged 48, was wanted by the Italian police, after he left a grenade launcher outside the anti-mafia squad headquarters, in Regio Calabria. The suspect is also accused of having planted a bomb outside the Justice Palace in Calabria and another one outside the house of Calabria’s Chief Prosecutor.

Italian police has confirmed that the arrest was made based on “accurate information”, resulted from the cooperation with their Romanian counterparts.

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