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24 February 2011

Romania prepares to legalize surrogate motherhood

A bill submitted in the Romanian parliament on Wednesday could pave the way to legal status to a widespread practice: surrogate motherhood. One in six Romanian couples has fertility issues and this could help infertile couples have children in a legal fashion. Romanian families would often pay up to 40.000 Euros for surrogate mothers.

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18 February 2011

Same Sex Marriage, Almost Legalized In Romania


And it’s worth mentioning that by mistake, too. A Romanian MP has submitted into parliamentary debate a bill about the legalization of concubinage relationships by a non-marriage procedure. The project would allow citizens to get legal status for their relationship outside marriage, under the signature of a notary. What the Romanian MP forgot to mention was the gender of the citizens, leaving way for same sex couples to legalize their status.

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2 February 2011

NOT Safe To Be A Foreigner: Stars Night Club, Romania

Stars Night Club, a place of many incidents (photo by Adevărul)

American citizens, soldiers and K1 fighters from Holland – they all shared the same fate in one Romanian night club, in Bucharest. They claim that they have been beaten, held prisoners and threatened, after their refusal to pay bills that had been seriously overpriced. One incident, on January the 16th 2011, involved three US soldiers, who were transiting Romania’s capital on their way to their unit in Kogălniceanu, Constanţa.

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21 October 2010

Romania’s Parliament Adopts Popular Law by Mistake

A bill concerning the lowering of the VAT for food to 5 percent, from 24, and another one, that exempts from income taxing all pensions below 2000 Romanian Lei (600 US Dollars) was passed on Wednesday by mistake. And that, coincidentally, on the first day of negotiations with the IMF representatives in Bucharest, regarding a decrease in taxes.

The MPs voted, with an overwhelming majority, in favour of both bills, only to admit, minutes later, that they had no idea what they were actually voting for. But now, there is no way back. The newly voted laws must go to the President for the final approval. Traian Băsescu, Romania’s President, has now two choices: either to sign the bills into law or to send them back to Parliament, for review.

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9 October 2010

Romanians Would Rather Freeze Than Pay

Faced with the coldest winted in decades, over 60 thousand families – in Bucharest only – still refuse to have their flats heated, as temperatures took an early dive towards freezing point. Between 10 to 15 percent of all housing associations actively refused to have heat delivered to their homes, fearing the imminent rise in heating bills. According to the RADET (the official centralized heating provider) representatives, some building administrators refuse to turn on the heat, although many home owners urge them to.

“People will freeze to death in their homes by the dozens this winter. The poor and the elderly are most exposed, as they fear the rise in bill value the most”, claims the president of the Home Owners’ Association, Mihai Mereuţă.

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28 September 2010

Romanian Media, Outraged by Ludicrous Legal Project

A new legal proposal, raised by a liberal MP in Romania, is making waves in all forms of media, voicing protests at what has been called yet another attempt to muzzle the press, in a country who’s only broken away from a totalitarian oppressive regime two decades ago.

Ioan Ghişe, a senator for the National Liberal Party, wants journalists to be psychiatrically evaluated every three years, to not be able to publish unless licenced to do so and to only be able to work in “media cabinets”, very similar to the sollicitors’ cabinets. Licences for journalists would be granted and revoked by a state authority – for situations such as a “media misdemeanour”.

The liberal’s project also wants to ban the publishing of any information that does not originate from a licenced “journalist’s cabinet” – a measure that would, obviously, put an end to citizen journalism.

The bill’s author has attempted to pass another law regarding the media, in 2008, when he supported a project that would have compelled the media to publish “bad news” and “good news” in equal proportions. The bill, luckily, has been rejected since.

The bill is now in Romania’s Senate House, where it will undergo the approval procedure. Media representatives have reacted either ironically, or in outrage. Ghişe’s own party, the National Liberal Party, claims the project has no backing whatsoever from the political organization.

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