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3 February 2011

Massive Arrests in Romanian Border Police

Massive special ops troops were deployed to make the arrest (Photo: Adevărul)

Almost 80 border police officers and customs workers were arrested early on Thursday, following a long secret inquest conducted by anti-corruption investigators, informs Antena 3. According to police sources, the officers and workers involved managed to squeeze bribes of around 50.000 Euros every day from Moldovan and Ukrainian cigarette smugglers.

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13 December 2010

Arrest Warrants, the New Side Effect of Bird Flu

A former director in Romania’s Department of Transportation and the owner of a boutique company in Iaşi, Romania, have been placed in preventive custody for 29 days, accused of having defrauded millions of Euros during the 2006 bird flu scare in Romania. Victor Butean is the former head of the Sanitary-Veterinarian Direction within the Public Health Agency of the Romanian Department of Transportation. He is now being investigated under suspicions of taking bribes, forming a criminal organisation and money laundering.

According to the investigators, he put pressure on decision makers under his authority, in 2006, in order to compell them to award contracts for disease control and prevention to Lena SRL, a small firm in Iaşi, without a formal tender and at a much higher price. The company, claim prosecutors, had neither the experience, nor the personell or the equipment to do any of the above, but the company carried out contracts in value of around 6 million Euros. Tonel Butean, the manager of the said company, turned himself over to the police in Iaşi on Sunday evening, claiming innocence.

The 2006 bird flu scare in Romania turned a good pard of the South-East of the country into a “contamination area” that was kept under containment for months. As soldiers were rounding up and slaughtering all the poultry in the villages, hundreds of sanitary checkpoints were set up all over the main roads, disinfecting all vehicles that went through. Other agents would be spraying a “special de-contamination sollution” on roadsides and households. Suspicions arose even then, as the media reported how the claimed “sollution” was, in fact, tap water or Danube water.

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19 October 2010

Romanian Judge Convicted for Sex Bribe

Bribe is a common thing in Romania. Very often, not even those trusted with seeing justice served can’t keep their hands out of the honey jar.

As it happened, the first conviction on a count of bribe involving a judge did not have to to with big money – the first conviction ever in Romania had to do with another deadly sin. The ex-vicepresident of Petroşani Court of Justice did not asked for money to take care of a woman’s trial, he wanted sex.

The magistrate has a file as big as the famous People’s House in Bucharest – the second largest in the world, after the Pentagon. He was also charged with making transactions incompatible with his statute, influence peddling, taking repeated bribes form as well as trading influence in various occasions.

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15 October 2010

Police Bribe Ring at Romanian-Hungarian Border

For a wanted criminal, the bribe is 400 Euros to get across the border from Romania to Hungary – just over the Schengen Eastern frontier. Only 100 Euros for someone with expired documents. This has been revealed by an investigation conducted by the Anti-Corruption Romanian officers, who went undercover in order to expose an alleged Romanian-Hungarian criminal alliance between police officers and agents.

Investigators have discovered a network of drivers and police officers, that allows wanted criminals to flee the country for the equivalent of the average monthly pay in Romania. Officers approached the drivers, who acted as go-betweens for the corrupt police agents, telling them they had to flee the country.

Subsequently, they were instructed to go aboard lorries or mini-buses. Instead of papers, they would hand the driver the sum of 400 Euros and this would secure them safe passage across the border. According to investigators, the money would be taken by the Romanian police agents, who would then split them in half with their Hungarian counterparts.

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