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19 March 2011

The King of Romania, Possible Witness in 70 Years Old Case

King Michael the First of Romania, as a young monarch, 1946

A court in Timişoara, Romania, will be ruling upon a request to call the former Romanian King, Michael the First of Romania, to the witness stand, in a case involving a property dispute between the Romanian Chamber of Commerce and the local state university. His Majesty is the last surviving head of state from the time of the Second World War. The property being litigated, named the Lloyd Palace, in Timişoara, used to belong to the Chamber of Commerce until 1945, when a royal decree transfered its property to the local University – “Universitatea de Vest”. The Chamber of Commerce is now reclaiming the building and argues that the royal decree was signed under pressure from the governing Communist Party – the same party that, in 1947, forced the same monarch to abdicate and leave the country.

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