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15 December 2012

Iraqi Man Arrested in Romania, Suspected of Planning to Kill US and UK Diplomats


The 38 years old Khazar Karim Friad was detained by law enforcers on December the 13th, near the British Embassy in Bucharest. The Iraqi was in possession of a 7 inch knife and was plotting to physically injure and even to cause the death of several Western diplomats, it has been revealed in a press release from the Romanian Anti-terrorism Prosecutor’s Office (DIICOT). The targets were US and British diplomatic representatives posted to Romania, say the prosecutors. Investigators claim that the suspect is a follower of Saddam Hussein’s doctrine and thus was planning to avenge the military actions taken by Western powers on his country’s soil.

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15 October 2010

Denmark Plus Romania Equals Love

Or so it may seem, after pictures of the former Romanian Secretary of Foreign Affairs have appeared in a Romanian tabloid, showing him in the tender company of Her Highness Eleonore-Christine zu Schaumburg-Lippe, grand daughter of Prince Waldemar of Schaumburg-Lippe and great great granddaughter of Frederick VIII of Denmark.

The former head of the Romanian diplomacy didn’t deny, nor confirm any special relationship between him and the princess of Denmark. But he also mentioned that he is not bothered by any information that may appear in the media on this topic.

Her Highness Eleonore-Christine zu Schaumburg-Lippe is not in the line of succession for the throne of Denmark, but she is in line for the throne of Britain, as a descendent of George II of Great Britain, through his daughter Queen Louisa of Denmark and Norway.

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